Denver 2015: We're still here!
Denver 2015: We're still here!

Reader: Happy Goo Year! Maybe That "Jelly-Like Mass" Is Gentrification...

Over the years many people have predicted the destruction of Denver -- and we're not just talking about prudey-pants amateurs who argued that same-sex marriage signaled the end of the world, or that Amendment 64 equaled Armageddon. No, some professional prognosticators have also warned that Denver would be wiped off the map: Monte Kim Miller, founder of Concerned Christians, for example, and the Amazing Criswell, who saw this city dissolving into goo. Somehow, Denver survived. Or did it?

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Ed_Gruberman has these words of caution for the new year:

I dunno -- if you interpret "a strange and terrible pressure from outer space" to be the influx of rich techies and cannabis entrepreneurs into Denver and "a jelly-like mass" to be gentrification, a lot of that prediction suddenly makes sense.

What do you think of the changes in Denver? What do you foresee for 2015?

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