Reader: HempCon 2011 fake orgasm contests could hurt marijuana decriminalization efforts

William Breathes's post about HempCon 2011, a medical marijuana convention that promoted fake orgasm and hot-ass contests, stirred up a healthy debate about taking MMJ seriously. One reader fears that too much focus on stereotypical pot culture may hurt decriminalization efforts in Colorado and beyond.

Seedy Ward writes:

"Coloradans are 'marijuanaed out' and it bodes ill for any ballot initiatives next year. It grates on the sympathy some have for MMJ to be slapped in the face with all of this marijuana related hype."

I share your concern. I'm in Arizona and active in the movement here. Arizona is almost a lost cause due to the pernicious influence of the social conservatives. So, I look to campaigns elsewhere for opportunities to support the agenda. If Colorado gets a credible legalization effort off and rolling, I'll back it with money.

The fact that some entrepreneurs sink to these tactics irritates the hell out of me. They play right into the hands of the opposition, and deserve to be called on their BS.

This isn't prudery, it's rather uncommon sense.

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