A photo from our 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup slide show.
Photo by Kate Levy

Reader: Here's How to Avoid Getting Caught Smoking Pot in Public

A recent Comment of the Day was prompted by our report about the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup's move to California following complaints over last year's event at the Denver Mart.

In it, a reader argued that Denver needs to get its head out of its ass about public pot consumption.

This take prompted more responses, including this one from someone who feels that the public consumption debate is much ado about very little.

Here's what he had to say.

Travis Caldwell writes:

Public pot consumption is the least of the city's concerns. There's not enough officers walking around on foot to enforce it, it's a waste of time. Just do it in a secluded area away from people and children and for god's sake, quit littering with those damn medicine bottles, blunt wrap packages!


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