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Reader: Here's What's to Blame for Spike in Denver Homicides — and What Isn't

We recently reported about a major spike in Denver homicides.

There were 33 during the second half of 2015, as compared to twenty during the first six months of the year.

When we shared our post on this topic, we asked readers who or what they blame for the increase, and we got a variety of answers — including a reference to the number of officer-involved shootings included on the roster.

As for this reader, she suggests that a number of typical scapegoats aren't truly responsible for the dire statistics.

Heather Anderson writes:
I blame bad parenting, bad ethics, bad morals and just plain and simple bad ppl. Weed makes you stoned and sends your inhibitions out the window. Transplants are helping Colorado, bringing lots of money and ethnic diversity to a city that was so far behind. Guns dont kill, the assholes behind the guns kill. Rent sucks, so stop smoking weed so you can pass a piss test to get a job that pays more than 10 bucks an hour. Stop blaming the vices, blame the ppl.
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