Reader: ICE is racist because agency targets Spanish speakers, ignores whites with no papers

Some interesting comments on our post about the ACLU filing a complaint against Immigration and Customs Enforcement for detaining a busload of Spanish speakers heading to an Amway Convention.

Here are two of the most pointed.

Nancy writes:

I think ICE is racist. They go against spanish only. How about the white europeans with no legal papers. How about somalians, indians.. pakistanies.. they are everywhere. hospitals..gas stations..places where they can do a lot damage to americans.

Adds Hablo Español:

I speak Spanish. I also crisscross the United States. And this is the reason I carry my US Passport even though not leaving or returning to the land of my birth.

Oh, yeah. I'm Native American.

For more memorable takes, check out our Comment of the Day archive.

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