Reader: Isn't Trump Banned From Colorado? If Not, He Should Be!

Donald Trump is reportedly headed to Colorado in advance of the state's Republican Party convention next weekend — but he won't get a warm welcome from many of the people who heard the comments Trump made at a recent MSNBC town hall regarding the legalization of marijuana, and the "very serious reports coming out of Colorado." Says Rob:

Isn't he banned from Colorado? If not, he should be. Let's get to work on that legislation, my fellow Centennial Staters.

Adds Jessica:

 Where are all these reports? You KNOW if there were this many reports, the people of Colorado would be hearing about it. One here, one there... I hear more stories about drunk drivers nightly than I do about anything marijuana-related. Spread your fear elsewhere, assholes.

Concludes Susan: 

Don't legitimize the buffoon by arguing with him. He makes it all up as he goes, so no one can keep up. Roll film on him toking up when he's in Colorado, and put it on blast when he leaves.

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