Reader: "It is critical that we never forget what was processed at that plant"

"Six Feet Under," Patricia Calhoun, June 12

A Rocky Road

Thank you, thank you, Patricia Calhoun, for continuing to follow the issue of Rocky Flats. The plant may have been closed for 25 years, but plutonium has a half-life a thousand times that! It is critical that we never forget what was processed at that plant and what leaked into those "rolling grasslands." Otherwise, someday developers will have houses covering those hills.
Beth Converse

When the feds finally come to their senses and put appropriate signage at Rocky Flats, I would like to suggest that they ask Patricia Calhoun to provide the wording. She knows what message needs to be delivered.
Suzie O'Hara

I wish that Calhoun's recent Rocky Flats story had gone into more detail on the Jefferson Parkway. Are plans for that project still going through? What will happen when construction disturbs land contaminated with plutonium and other hazardous waste?
Mel Martin

Editor's note: Patricia Calhoun reports on the status of the Jefferson Parkway on the Latest Word blog. Find it at

"Bright Idea," Gretchen Kurtz, June 12

And Furthermore...

I am so sick of all these ampersand restaurants promising This & That but not delivering. Olive & Finch is cute, but I agree with Gretchen Kurtz that for those prices, you deserve more than counter service.
Hayley Myers

I love this place for brunch. However, it seems the service disintegrates throughout the day. I have never been given an option to substitute the chips on my sandwich; the salad case is usually half empty, and the last two times I ordered sandwiches to go they were missing ingredients. Clearly, tackling three parts of the day is too much of a challenge.
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"Calling Cards," Off Limits, June 12

In Training

Recording a greeting for the fascist party's scouts didn't cost anything — other than reinforcing Michael Hancock's image as a greedy panderer. Fortunately, the fascists want money, and Denver, which wastes it faster than it can raise new sources of revenue, isn't offering enough.
Robert Chase

There's gonna be lots of foot action in the men's room stalls at DIA.
Brian Martinez
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"Welcome to Denver. Now go home!"
Rusty Shackleford
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