Reader: It's a Rare Day in Denver When You Don't Catch Drivers Doing Stupid Things
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Reader: It's a Rare Day in Denver When You Don't Catch Drivers Doing Stupid Things

A new report revealed that Denver was among the ten U.S. cities with the most red-light-related traffic deaths from 2004 to 2013.

When we shared our post on the topic, we asked readers to tell us about any close calls.

Plenty did — but the complaints didn't end with behavior pertaining to red lights in Denver.

Here's a compendium of the responses.

Michelle Morin-Williams writes:

Coming from a different state I noticed that the length of time from the yellow light to the red light is almost non-existent. I have had to change the way I drive by seeing a yellow and knowing I must stop immediately. In all the years I lived in Florida I may have run a red light maybe twice due to speed and determination of being able to stop. I've lived in Colorado for a year and have ran a red light half way through the intersection a couple of times already- very scary-

Anthony Langston writes:

Anyone here that drives knows to wait for the red light runners after the light turns to make any turn right or left or risk being hit. This is at any intersection,

Nancy Maitland Whittemore writes:

Every week! Slow the f*ck down people!

Megan Hanekom writes:

I don't think texting and driving is the cause. I can't count how many times I've turned left on a yellow light and at least 3 cars behind me fly through the red light. And when I slow down when the light turns yellow, I've gotten honked at before! This city is unbelievable.

Kevin Markis writes:

It's a rare day in Denver when you don't catch drivers doing wrong, stupid things.

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