Ten Worst U.S. Cities for Red-Light Fatalities — and Denver's Sad Score

This month, the National Coalition for Safer Roads launched a campaign called "Stop Distraction on Red."

The goal: to cut down on the number of drivers who run red lights, often with tragic results.

To illustrate this point, the NCSR assembled a list of the ten cities with the most fatalities between 2004 and 2013 that were associated with running red lights.

And unfortunately, Denver made the list.

Count down the top ten below, followed by a screen capture from a Denver map highlighting the areas where the deaths occurred. (As you'll see, the majority took place in the downtown area.) To view an interactive map that allows users to see data from Denver and many additional cities — including two more in Colorado — click here.

Number 1. HOUSTON, TX
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 181

Number 2. PHOENIX, AZ
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 127

Fatalities, 2004-2013: 125

Number 4. LAS VEGAS, NV
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 105

Number 5. CHICAGO, IL
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 99

Number 6. MIAMI, FL
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 82

Number 7. DALLAS, TX
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 71

Fatalities, 2004-2013: 63

Number 9. TUCSON, AZ
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 61

Number 10. DENVER, CO
Fatalities, 2004-2013: 60

Here's the map showing where the fatalities took place in the Denver-metro area.

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