Reader: Legal Pot Clubs Could Help Stop Tourists From Over-Consuming
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Reader: Legal Pot Clubs Could Help Stop Tourists From Over-Consuming

The response to our post offering a first look at Denver NORML's initiative to allow marijuana clubs suggests that there's a lot of support for the idea.

Comments flooded in, with the vast majority backing the concept.

The most common reason cited was the Amendment 64-vintage call for marijuana to be treated like alcohol.

But this reader argues that having venues for consumption would help prevent tourists from over-indulging.

Here's his take.

Dee Rahquin writes:


We have hundreds of thousands of people visiting Denver for the cannabis tourism every year. That brings MILLIONS to the state in revenue- both in the industry and outside (hotels, restaurants, etc. all get a boost from sources of tourism.)

They currently have no legal venue to consume and when they do they often have no oversight into their consumption. (Maybe Grandma should hold off on eating that entire 100 mg edible?)

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