Reader: Marijuana Users Will Leave Pot Bars 90% Less Intoxicated Than Drinkers

Reader: Marijuana Users Will Leave Pot Bars 90% Less Intoxicated Than Drinkers

Backers of the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative have submitted more than twice the number of signatures needed for the measure to win approval for the November 2015 ballot in Denver.

Our post about this development brought in the sort of commentary that reinforces proponent Mason Tvert's claims about the level of support among Denverites for the concept.

Along the way, numerous readers struck back at critics who believe that such businesses could increase the risk for drivers on local streets.

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Here's one example.

Dylan Anthony writes:

We all know drinking alcohol is more dangerous/harmful to your body than smoking trees. with that in mind i don't get how we have so many bars and that's no big deal and never has been, but when cannabis users need a place or two to medicate/recreate in a social environment in Denver, the cops shut it down.....wheres the logic in that? fact of the matter is that overall, pot users will be leaving these establishments less intoxicated than 90% of bar patrons.

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