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Reader: Michael Bennet-Ken Buck race makes it hard to pick between douche and turd sandwich

Our post about David Sirota's South Park-inspired poll to determine if Michael Bennet and Ken Buck are a giant douche and a turd sandwich or vice versa brought more serious responses than humorous ones.

Today's featured comment definitely fits into the former category.

Here's the take from Steve_I_am -- a response to a poster ID'd as Anonymous:

Anonymous, the only thing Bennet has going for him is that "Buck is worse." I held my nose and voted for Bennet, and I am making GOTV phone calls through the Democratic Party (but NOT through the Bennet campaign), but, if Bennet loses his seat, it will be because Bennet WAS a terrible candidate foisted on Colorado by the National Democratic Party. It will NOT be lost because David Sirota POINTED OUT the fact that Bennet was a terrible candidate foisted on Colorado by the National Democratic Party. If the seat is lost, I will blame "the message." You will blame "the messenger."

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