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Reader: MMJ Rules Should Be Professional, But Why Make Patients Suspect?

During the last legislative session, lawmakers encouraged the Colorado Medical Board to come up with new guidelines for recommending marijuana. And after considerable controversy, the board did just that last month. And while the responses to this revised proposal have been more supportive, the issue still inspires plenty of comments. Says Jay:
I think everyone is in agreement that some professionalization is in order. However, why hold patients suspect? As I recall, before legalization the state registry of medical cannabis patients hovered around 130,000. It's gone dramatically down since then and has basically held steady. This punches a giant hole right through the argument that people have been flocking to the medical registry in order to avoid paying taxes. There is also NO evidence that caregivers are responsible for diversion. Criminals are responsible for diversion—and no one else. It's time to tell the prohibitionists that their failed "War On People" is over...
Adds Kevin:

Unregulated are cutting in on tax revenue. Good thing doctors and medical professionals who've never price-gouged the shit out of insurance companies or the sick are setting some guidelines.

Good looking out ????
What do you think of the new rules doctors are supposed to follow when recommending marijuana?
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