Reader: Nightclub Douchebags Should Get Punched More Often
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Reader: Nightclub Douchebags Should Get Punched More Often

Our post about Broncos lineman Derek Wolfe being caught on TMZ video throwing a punch in Denver's VIE Nightclub generated some interesting responses.

But our favorite is the one below.

In it, the author doesn't castigate Wolfe for engaging in public fisticuffs. Far from it: He believes that more douchebags in nightclubs should be on the receiving end of a well-aimed fist.

Here's what he has to say.

Jay Doggster writes:

O...m...g...a fight in a nightclub? What a surprise....

When did fighting become so taboo? Why are we even discussing the possibility of charges being pressed? Can we please get back to a society that has consequences for douchy actions? Without cops getting involved and ruining lives?!?!?

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