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Reader: Paid sick leave initiative backers better financed than measure's opponents

The debate over a paid-sick leave initiative is contagious -- and not just because proponents are using the movie Contagion to push what they call a public-health issue.

But one reader begs to differ.

EWoessner writes:

This bill has NOTHING to do with public health. A paid sick leave initiative may well be necessary and I am sure the Governor and the Mayor would be happy to support one. This initiative goes way beyond sick leave, it makes running an efficient business almost impossible. Allowing employees to neither call in or show up for work for 3 consecutive days with no repercussions, is not just ridiculous, it's irresponsible. This is about business. If this passes business will be forced to close and new businesses will go else where. This hurts employers and employees. Read the fine print print before you buy into the marketing hype. P.S. Their campaign (mostly financed from out of state) is way better funded than the so called "powerful and well-funded" opponents!

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