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Reader: People in Boulder would rather pay more than support faceless corporate culture

The Denver-based online shopping website recently identified Boulder as the least frugal city in the U.S. based on coupon usage, or lack thereof, by the people who live there.

One reader sees plenty of flaws in this measurement method.

Ian Williams writes:

Cheap is cheap. In and out. I wish I could buy a sprinkler that works... but unfortunately, all they have is the cheap one, on sale, with 10% off loyalty coupon.

Great deal!

Too bad my lawn is dead now because I can't afford to buy a new cheap one every month after the last one failed.

Maybe people pay more in Boulder because they know the money is going to a community oriented, owned & operated business rather than a profit-centric one.

Maybe it's because they know the extra dollar is going to pay the employees that look happy, well fed, and rested, with benefits and a zeal for doing their job, not because they are being paid, but because they have a passion for the industry or product, or simply prefer to help those around them live better. Maybe, just maybe, the reason Boulder spends a lot of money is correlated to it being on almost every "Best City To Live In" lists. Maybe our disposable, discount culture is just that... a cheap marketing trick to promote more consumption of sub-par products manufactured under a guise of fair-trade while fueling a slave economy in a distant, dissimilar culture starving itself to ensure profit margins.

Maybe saving money is sometimes a bad thing... Nah...This is the United State of What Do I Get?... Cheap must be better, right? Cheap means more for me. Me is most important, more is better. Right?

This is better, right?

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