Reader: People living off the grid are worthless, parasitic, freeloading street derelicts

To accompany his feature about

surviving off the grid

, Josiah Hesse assembled a list of

six essential resources for living the life in Denver


But one reader didn't celebrate this information, or the people to whom it might appeal. Far from it.

fishingblues writes:

The article's title should have been: "How to become a worthless, parasitic, freeloading street derelict." Way to go WW. Let's encourage more bums that leech off of the established system while offering nothing in return. In addition to living and eating out of garbage cans, they don't bother with hygiene (Did you ever smell one?), shit on the street, throw trash everywhere and have nothing but disdain for any laws that hold together a civilized society.

Yeah, let's glamorize the lifestyle. That shows a lot of class.

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