Reader: Rental Homes Are in Awful Shape & Landlords Must Be Held Accountable

We recently wrote about how rents for apartments in Denver rise and fall depending on the size of their building.

But the discussion wasn't limited to this theme.

Indeed, one of the most interesting responses involved the condition of homes for rent — the implication being that the demand for places in the metro area is so high that landlords don't bother maintaining them as they should.

Here's that take. Note that we're not using a name so as not to piss off the reader's past, present or future landlords.

A reader writes:

This is my 2nd transfer to Denver. First time in 1994. I'm in temp housing since Sept. I check 17 different Web sites twice a day for house rentals (not apts) and it's a crime against tenants. The condition of these homes for rent is deplorable and these landlords should be held accountable. My house that I currently rent 800 miles away requires an inspection & occupancy permit to rent it. Here the landlords don't even clean or paint. I'm so disgusted with this process. And I'm shocked that we often get outbid by other renters (I'm searching houses up to $2000 / mos). We finally settled on a home just a few days ago but it was a hard, long, process.

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