Reader: Republicans and Democrats Are the Same Exact Thing
Illustration courtesy of Donkey Hotel on Flickr

Reader: Republicans and Democrats Are the Same Exact Thing

Fourteen Republican candidates for President headed to Boulder yesterday for the third debate, broadcast (and not very broadly) on CNBC. But did the debate make a difference? Not to Michael, who says.

First of all, Republicans and Democrats are the same exact thing. Owned by the same people at the top. The two-party system is a fallacy in place simply to divide people. That being said, I think it's hilarious that the GOP debate was being held in pot-smoking Democrat headquarters, aka Boulder.

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Local comic Andy Juett found plenty of hilarious aspects to that debate; read his recap here. Did you watch the debate? Who do you think was the winner? And what do you think of the fact that it was held in Boulder?

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