Reader: Road Repairs Are Always Being Made in the Wrong Places

When we shared our item breaking down a poster showing what all fifty states are worst at, we asked what readers see as Colorado's biggest problem area -- and the response was passionate. Here's the take of a person who sees disparities on the roads...and that's not all.

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Paula Zambrano writes:

Road work in the wrong areas. Does anybody care about northeast Denver and how many semis and trucks there are that create pot holes, or train tracks that people have to drive over that aren't smooth, or just how there is such an eyesore when driving around I-70 to Commerce City? Why work on areas that are overcrowded and have no problems and forget the areas that need turn lights and better pavement? I think some more low-income housing and shelters are needed as well. On top of everything, the prices on rent or to even buy a home are outrageous. No wonder people are forced to live with other people or be homeless. Not enough care for the poor. The rich become greedy, demanding all the nice stores and landscapes, while the poor are struggling just to eat and keep a phone or car. When will things change why?... There aren't even enough schools out there. Kids have to travel miles away to have an education and schools are rated so low they would be better off being home schooled if they even have parents to do it. Probably not since, most families are one-parent families trying to make ends meet, while schools aren't teaching our students the importance of values and respect for society -- maybe because society is lacking that as well. We need a change.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.