Reader: Rollie Heath is a hero for supporting Prop. 103 even if it makes the Tea Party boil

Senator Rollie Heath's Proposition 103, which would raise taxes to better fund public education, faces an uphill climb at a time when people of all income levels are being squeezed.

Still, one reader sees him as fighting the good fight.

Eric writes:

Bless your heart, Rollie.

This is teabag frenzy incurring courage, and it couldn't come at a better time.

Too many Democrats cower before the conservative republican "I've got mine, you go screw yourself" philosophy and mantr mantra, and Senator Heath is an example of a principled man that doesn't.

Education privatization, demonizing of teachers, outright stifling of the public education system and the theft of tax money for religious and private schools are threatening to undermine the inherrent right of every Colorado student to a quality education.

Rollie Heath is a hero.

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