Reader: Saying Someone is Ugly and Has Big Boobs Isn't Sexist

Our post about Durango journalist Chase Olivarius-McAllister was a big conversation starter.

Olivarius-McAllister's breasts and other body parts were described during a conversation among members of the La Plata County Sheriff's Office that was accidentally recorded when one of them left a phone of the hook — and we argued that their remarks were "indicative of the way too many men treat women in the media and the workforce in general."

Lots of folks agreed — but not all of them.

The following reader argues against characterizing the comments as sexist. Check out his point of view here.

Kevin Markis writes:

To be fair, all he did was describe her. Not sexist to describe someone. It's not like he got graphic with it, or even said it to her. He said she was ugly with big boobs, and then made a joke about British people. So what if shes ugly with big boobs? If you see a really muscley guy and say "Whoa, that dude is jacked, but his calves are disproportionate," is that being sexist and discriminatory? No, because nobody needs fuel for that fire.

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