Highlands Ranch and its empty streets of gold.
Highlands Ranch and its empty streets of gold.
Jeff Ruane at Flickr

Reader: Some of Us Want Parks on Every Corner Instead of Pot Shops

Teague Bohlen has been traveling around metro Denver, determining what makes people in certain suburbs and neighborhoods really, really mad. His journey recently led him to bucolic Highlands Ranch, where he found a few things that break that outwardly placid demeanor — "which I hear you're required to adopt by the HOA agreement that you sign upon move-in," he notes. In response to his list of eight things that make residents of Highlands Ranch really, really mad, readers offer a few more. Says Cliff: 

1) Hillary voters
2-8) Minorities

Adds Jared: 

-Other people breathing.

Confirms Russ:

Nailed it ! Except the HR part — no one refers to it that way that I ever hear.

But then there's this from Andrea:

Do the hipsters at Westword ever get tired of looking down at those of us that want parks on every corner instead of pot shops and bars? Sorry, not sorry.

Read Bohlen's list of Eight Things That Make Highlands Ranch Residents Really, Really Mad, and catch a roundup of his ten best pissed-off-neighborhoods lists.

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