Reader: “Stop writing hate articles on other cities”

"Take Ten," Patricia Calhoun, February 20

Straight to the Art

As someone new to town, I was very impressed to read about the Westword MasterMind Awards and all the amazing people who have won the grants. This is the kind of program that makes me happy I chose to move to Denver. What a creative city!
Cheryl Minor

So exciting! Yay, Denver!
Corrina Espinosa
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"Bad Company," Off Limits, February 20

Boulder Bashing

As a Boulder native, I could give you plenty of things about the city that are annoying. But this is just a stereotype. Lame. Stick to restaurant and music reviews, Westword!
Meghann Maguire
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Boulder is not as great as many people think. Come to Fort Collins — a great city with a great university.
Maria P. Fernandez-Yoos
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I grew up in Boulder, and honestly, I loved it. Although I no longer live there, please rest assured we are/were not all drunken college kids, dreadlocked homeless people, elitists or people who smoke weed. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things, and Denver has its fair share of the same types of "social misbehavior." Some of us just had parents who loved the mountains and moved to an interesting city nearby. Grow up, Westword, you're getting boring! (But I'll still read your restaurant reviews.)
Ellen Zuckerman
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Boulder = twenty square miles surrounded by reality!
Phil Knight
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If I read it right, the article cites the ACLU as saying they are for peeing in public and drug use? Hmmm, have to wonder about them.
Albert Martinez
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You forgot an absolute crap music scene with boring-ass bluegrass and frat-bro jam funk bands...
Sean Dolan
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I'm just gonna come out and say it: Stop writing hate articles on other cities in your same state and focus on other worthwhile, meaningful things. You could've brought the news about what Boulder County was doing without going off on (yet another) hate tirade about how lame Boulder/its people are.
Marin Ryeiss
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