Reader: THC driving impairment tests are set up like outcome of a WWE wrestling match

The debate continues to rage over Patricia Calhoun's post regarding Westword medical marijuana reviewer William Breathes's blood test, which showed him nearly triple a proposed legal limit when sober. Among the dozens of comments spawned by the item is this one, which suggests that when it comes to testing for MMJ patients, the fix is in.

Pete writes:

I'm with you! When we get too stoned in the real world, we just don't drive. In an impairment test though, we lose points for driving too slow! Why? Because impairment driving tests are set up like the outcome of a WWE wrestling match.

I think that for legalization initiatives to suceed, there is a serious public policy issue that needs to be addressed regarding MJ and driving. As I'm sure you are aware, tons of BS accident stats citing MJ in the bloodstream. How often is there a clarification of ACTIVE THC in the bloodstream? I don't recall ever hearing that in the mass media (not including Westword!). How much ACTIVE THC and alcohol in the bloodstream? Again, they just cite a THC level without a relative benchmark of the person's baseline THC.

So we have all these stats that can be cherry picked by the opposition to make MJ out to be as dangerous as they can. So the issue isn't going away, no matter how much High Country Caregiver believes his mountain spring water weed improves his driving.

I guess that leaves me wanting some open research done on these issues, let the chips fall where they may.

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