Reader: The Fool in Twelfth Night was worth the price of admission alone

"Lights Out," Juliet Wittman, May 17

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Juliet, what's with all the vinegar? Twelfth Night was full-on Shakespeare with a very concentrated cast and a maximized set. The Fool alone was worth the price of admission. Did you seriously get in your car and head back to your life in the suburban wasteland and feel like the most responsible thing you could do was screw with the Colorado Shakespeare Company's future funding potential?  

Time for a vacation, girl.

Paul Berry

"Bad Company," Melanie Asmar, May 17

Wards of the State

This change allowing counties to put wards of the state into prison, no matter how pretty, should not be allowed to happen. This article clearly outlines how yet another "too big to fail" corporate bailout was done at public expense, thanks to lobbyists in the know. Senator Nancy Spence has yet another "Whoopsie, I just didn't know" to add to her resumé. (A Google search shows no fewer than a dozen articles on critical votes missed to see her grandson, her "Gee, I didn't know those words meant that," and other general snafus that this state's economy can't afford.) Jake — who at sixteen isn't dreaming of a driver's license but of Matchbox cars — may never legally be allowed to vote because of the trauma he suffered at the hands of his family. But you can guarantee that in her Centennial home, Senator Spence gave more thought to where her grandson will go to preschool than where Jake will get to sleep tonight. The response might easily be, "But he's not my child." Well, senator, you're wrong again: As a ward of the State of Colorado, he is your child and your responsibility.

As a citizen of Colorado, as a voter in Colorado, I will not allow a woman claiming family values and education reform as her platform to treat children like Jake as garbage. There is a special place in hell for those who harm children, and "I didn't know what those words meant" will not change the fact that Spence signed the bill. I challenge anyone who loves children, who has been abused or has ever been a part of "the system" in this state or another to stand with me and say no, no, no! Anyone but Spence in 2012!

Heather McNeill
Lone Tree

Absolutely right on! You can't put these kids together, because the predator kids who live there will bully these kids and even train them to become criminals — either in their own right or by being forced to join a punk-kid gang!

Curt Brennan
Hermiston, Oregon

"High Hopes," Laura Shunk, May 10

Feel the Burn

I've been to Ignite! three times and have never been terribly impressed. Seriously, what's up with the sweet-potato crinkle fries?

Carly Billings

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