Reader: Tim Tebow won't be sitting on the bench this season, because Broncos will cut him

In a post about Saturday's preseason game between the Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, I suggested that Tim Tebow will spend the upcoming season on the Denver bench.

One reader disagrees -- and not because he thinks Tebow will win the starting quarterback job.

Rusty Shackleford writes:

Tebow will not be spending time on the Broncos' bench this season. He'll get cut as part of the final roster after attempts to find another sucker, er, team to trade him to fail.

But don't worry, Timmy will stay plenty busy this year on the Evangelical Speaking Tour circuit. And who knows, we could just as easily see him somewhere like NASCAR in the future. After, all, he'd be a perfect fit with the "Guns, God and Gasoline" crowd.

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