Tom Tancredo.
Tom Tancredo.

Reader: Tom Tancredo disenfranchised every Republican in the state by challenging Dan Maes

Dan Maes wound up having more support than predicted, preventing the Republican Party that nominated him from falling to minor-party status. And some of his backers are clearly upset about how everything shook out on election day.

That's made clear by the following comment, which takes dead aim at American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo.

Here's the comment, from Bill:

Colorado ended up being just as crazy as Jerry Brown's California. Tancredo sticks his GD self serving chickenhawk ass into a race he never earned blowing the governorship. You would think he would have been gracious in supporting and getting behind the primary winner, but no he did everything he could to trash the GOP, the Tea Party and disenfranchise every Republican voter in Colorado. Thanks a lot loser.

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