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Reader: Too Bad Jared Is One of the 100,000 Who Moved to Colorado in 2015

Colorado is renowned for its sunshine, powder, pot...and now a rogue's gallery of prisoners incarcerated in this state, who are adding to the population boom. Just joining their ranks: Jared Fogle, the Subway pitchman who turned out to be a pedophile.

Here's how Alan Prendergast explains Colorado's collection of notorious convicts, which includes terrorists, disgraced ex-governors and drug kingpins:

"Why Colorado? Because that's what we do here. We're the top turnkeys, the customary custodians of the cussed, the preferred hosts of the heinous and the hated from around the world. The presence in our fair state of the highest security federal prison in the country, as well as a state supermax that's become a repository for various strains of homegrown psychopaths and serial killers, gives Colorado an impressive lineup of bad actors and deadly companions. Guantanamo Bay, Pelican Bay, even Oz and Shawshank have nothing on us when it comes to housing the depraved and the despicable.

"In Fogle's case, his attorneys asked for him to be moved to Colorado so that he could join a sex-offender treatment program at the low-security Federal Correctional Institute Englewood, a program said to be the best of its kind in the federal system."

But readers aren't sure this is the kind of notoriety Colorado wants. With all the people already moving to this state, do we really need Fogle? wonders Tracy:
Too bad he's one of the 100,000 who came to Colorado in 2015.
Other readers offered an assortment of suggestions for what might happen to Fogle during his Colorado say, including this variation on the notorious New York Post headline from Mark:
Jared is getting foot-SCHLONGED in Colorado.
What do you think of Colorado's reputation as a hoosegow hotspot? With all the scofflaws already incarcerated here, should we welcome Guantanamo prisoners, too?
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