Reader: Was there an election conspiracy not to send Republican voters mail-in ballots?

What's an election day without a good election-related conspiracy?

A reader contributed a timely theory in response to yesterday's Patricia Calhoun post "Election day warning: Quit looking in the mailbox -- because your ballot's not coming," prompting a quick rebuttal.

The initial comment comes courtesy of druid0621:

Can someone explain why so many Republicans failed to receive their mail-in ballots? I know of one case where the Democrat wife received hers, but the Republican husband did not. Clearly, something is rotten here.

Bernie Buescher is a disaster as Secretary of State -- as we saw with the military ballots. Tomorrow, we'll have a good deal more integrity in government -- if we're smart enough.

The response comes from retort:

can someone explain why so many Democrats failed to receive their mail-in ballots? i know of one case where neither the Democrat wife nor the Democrat husband received theirs

this is clearly ample evidence that something is rotten here; since we Democrats are not smart enough to know whether we've signed up for mail-in ballots or not, we are also likely to accidentally elect Gessler, whose integrity in overseeing elections would be based on his own disrespect for the law: http://www.denverpost.com/election2010/ci_16314692

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