Reader: You'll Never Guess What Frontier Airlines Charged $20 For
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Reader: You'll Never Guess What Frontier Airlines Charged $20 For

Frontier Airlines has had a rough past few months.

First, there was an awful customer-service performance in the Air Travel Consumer Report, issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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That was followed by the resignation of Frontier CEO Dave Siegel.

And that's not to mention the complaints that continue to pop up on FrontierHorrorStories.com, from which we featured eight tales that mention Denver.

A Frontier pilot passionately disputed such tales — but that hasn't stopped passengers from sharing unhappy experiences. Here's one example.

Jan Strong writes:

Stopped flying Frontier last year when they decided to nickel and dime you for every single thing. Charged my 17 yo niece $20 to bring on a backpack because it was bigger than "purse size." Really? I have heard 2 horror stories like these as well — one from friends stuck in MEXICO. Rude service as well. Blech. Pay $50 more and go elsewhere.

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