Readers' choices for top ten speed traps in Denver metro

Earlier this week, we posted about the top ten speed traps in Denver, as compiled from 2013 posts on the Speedtrap.org website. Then, when we shared the list on the Westword Facebook page, we asked if there were any speed traps we'd missed -- and as always, our readers came through in a big way.

Here are ten more speed traps that were somehow overlooked, as selected by all of you, complete with Google maps from near the location and posted comments. Check them out below.

Number 10: 44th and Sheridan

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"They completely left out the Lakeside speed traps on both 44th between Sheridan and Harlan, and the one along Sheridan, between 43rd and I-70. I suppose they need to make their salaries somehow."

Number 9: Kalamath and 13th

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"Kalamath between 13th and 10th. I got two tickets in one week!"

Continue to keep counting down the readers' choices for the top ten speed traps in Denver metro. Number 8: South Quebec at South Tamarac Drive transition

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"South Quebec Street, which turns into Tamarac Dr. I don't understand why those people demand that folks drive 30 MPH on a major thoroughfare. I know it may not have been a major street when you moved there, but it is now, so give it up."

Number 7: Interstate 25 at 20th Street

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"I-25 just north of the 20th Street bridge. I see cops standing on that bridge almost every day."

Continue to keep counting down the readers' choices for the top ten speed traps in Denver metro. Number 6: Broadway at Belleview

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"Northbound Broadway at Belleview. There are cops sitting in the McDonald's parking lot at least once per week, often more. The speed limit is only 35, and there's a big down slope of a hill right before, so it's easy to end up speeding just while coasting. Ride your brakes! Unless you like getting tickets."

Number 5: Buchtel at Emerson

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"The bike cop on Buchtel & Emerson. As you're trying to speed up and mover over 3 lanes of traffic to get on to I25, he steps right in front of the vehicle almost causing 10 car pile up to waive the vehicle over to the left to pullover on Emerson. There's a small school nearby and the limit is 25mph. Just bad engineering all around there. Not sufficient space for the amount of traffic for people to maneuver safely. You have to pass Gran Turismo 4 to be successful."

Continue to keep counting down the readers' choices for the top ten speed traps in Denver metro. Number 4: Speer at East 1st Avenue

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"I do have to laugh at the speed check van that is on Speer Blvd just about every day. They are always near the entrance to the Denver Country Club. Wonder why?"

Number 3: Northbound Santa Fe at I-25

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"Northbound Santa Fe/I-25....photo enforced and nailing people constantly! It is super freaky to have a photo of yourself show up in the mail. Also, I know it's not Denver, but driving into the airport when it drops to 25...can't tell you how many people I see pulled over there. SLOW DOWN! They will get you!"

"You're forgetting that whole Northbound Santa Fe/I-25 fustercluck. Can't tell you how many Camera Van flashes I've seen there."

Continue to keep counting down the readers' choices for the top ten speed traps in Denver metro. Number 2: I-25 through Thornton

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"The Thornton clown-show where they sit on the footbridge above I-25 and end up slowing everything down both ways during rush hours."

Number 1: East 23rd Avenue near the Denver Zoo

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"There's a little niche just past the zoo -- motorcycle cops hang there all the time. It's like a factory for small speed overage tickets -- tons of mommy vans are stopped there -- big Denver money maker."

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