Readers' Comment About Sexual Assault Stirs Controversy

See editor's note below: Online conversations can morph in unexpected ways. A case in point can be found among the comments on a post that asked the question, "Would Higher Beer Taxes and Legalizing Pot Cut Down on Campus Rapes?" Before long, readers began debating whether the way young women dress is a factor in sex assaults. Here are several comments on both sides of this debate.

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Brent Jensen writes:

You can't hold the beer accountable. They need stricter laws on women curfews.

Eric Hurst writes:

Brent is correct. If women stayed home or weren't partying like animals and looking like hookers, their chances of being raped greatly decrease!!

Loren Morgan-Shinsato writes:

Just because a women dresses a certain way doesn't mean that she is wanting to get raped. Maybe you men should learn how to respect women rather than belittle them and say that they had it coming. Many women get raped that don't fit your description and many women that fit your description don't get raped.

Matthew Allman writes:

Beer doesn't rape women, guns don't shoot themselves, and I'm sick of this society where more and more personal responsibility doesn't seem to exist in our vocabulary. Furthermore, a girl who dresses sexy isn't "asking" to be raped any more than a person with tattoos is "asking" for trouble. These attitudes make me sick, and I can see how so many women are giving up on men/boys.

Editor's note: The original version of this post, including the headline, led some readers to believe Westword was endorsing the first two readers' opinions. That is absolutely not the case, and we apologize to anyone who was offended. To prevent additional confusion, we have changed the original headline.

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