Readers: DIA Is Haunted...By Ghost Cows and TSA Agents With Rubber Gloves

Our post about claims that Denver International Airport is haunted, in addition to being the focus of numerous conspiracy theories, put a lot of our readers in a Halloween state of mind.

But is there really something supernatural going on at DIA?

We put that question to readers, and the responses we received run the gamut. Some folks had fun with the question, others dismissed it — and a select few appear to believe that the airport is a very spirited place.

Here's a roundup of our favorite takes.

Mark Bromley writes:

There was lots of cattle ranching on the site of DIA. So yes, Ghostly Bovines do wander the halls of DIA. Just worry if you see a stampede of next time you are at the ticket counter.

Jeff Cook writes:

Who while being at DIA hasn't felt the icy cold grip of a hand on their shoulder only to turn around and find no one there .... Not me, thank god, but I guess others have.

Dallas Scott writes:

Yes, I can tell you for a FACT that DIA is 100% haunted. Very spooky environment.

Beck La Rouax writes:

The only scary thing about DIA is that damn horse with them creepy ass eyes....

Matt Channing writes:

No, unless you count the security guy with the rubber glove....

Nalani Schlagel writes:

You mean other than the fact that it's on sacred tribal burial ground or all the extra hidden tunnels ? Naaaa, nothing to see here, carry on.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.