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Readers: Don't blame marijuana for tragic death of Heather Jensen's children

Our post about the disturbing Heather Jensen case noted that she had sex and smoked marijuana while her two kids were left in an SUV with the heater blasting, raising temps high enough inside that they died. Some readers felt the cannabis mention suggested blame for what happened, while others disagreed. Here's a sampling of opinions.

Shawn Lee Minor writes:

As if weed has anything to do with the fact that she doesn't have any common sense. Makin weed look unrightfully awful...
Jamie Tanner Patterson writes:
Terrible....still don't get where weed played a role.
Rosa Valenzuela writes:
The headline just says what she left to do it's not blaming weed, or it would be blaming sex and it says she was doing both, let's calm down. Point of this story is : What an idiot... Who doesn't check on their kids in over an hour. Trash.
Jessica Powers writes:
Some people just don't have common sense. That was extremely irresponsible and her poor children paid the ultimate price, and that is a sad story. It also is disappointing that some people are going to say it was because of cannabis consumption, but really it was the mother's irresponsibility of leaving children alone in a hot car, regardless of what she was doing. Hope she gets what she deserves.

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