Readers: Here's Why Fed Politicians Won't Protect Colorado Marijuana

A recent post featured this question in its headline: Why won't Congress promise not to block Colorado's marijuana laws?

We asked about this subject because Congresswoman Diana DeGette has announced that she will be reintroducing the Respect States' and Citizens' Rights Act, a bill intended to ensure that federal marijuana laws don't exempt the Colorado voter-approved Amendment 64. However, the measure failed to generate enough support to pass in 2012-2013, and it faces an uphill battle once again.

When we shared our item, plenty of readers provided their own answers, most of which involved money to one degree or another.

Here are six takes, with the last one offering an amusing suggestion for a solution to the problem.

Stephen Felt writes:

Because they're not getting paid from cannabis companies like they are from pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol companies. Pony up the millions and watch them all go along with it. #corruption

Jeff Williams writes:

It's a threat to alcohol, period. i say push for a law that says lawmakers must be of sound mind while in session. No more drunks making laws, people. if a lawmaker is in excess of .03 while in session, he should be removed from office. Furthermore if the Republicans want to fight MMJ, then MMJ should fight to ban alcohol....

Chris Perkins writes:

Because they're too fucking old to move out the way, theoretically.

Dan Brown writes:

Ignorance. There are still some people in government who believed "Reefer Madness."

Mike Stapley writes:

Because politicians only care about being on the "right" side of controversial issues. They're waiting to see if CO turns into one giant ghetto before they form an opinion.

Jef RV writes:

Has anyone tried bribing the politicians? That usually works.

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