Readers on Three Things That Smell Worse Than Pot Smoke

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader argued that every day is 4/20 in Colorado, so people should chill out about marijuana.

The conversation this take sparked was freewheeling, and among the topics touched upon was complaints about the smell of pot smoke.

Two readers in particular found such gripes overblown and offered examples of things that achieve a more powerful stench.

Here's what they had to say.

K.c. Thomas Crown writes:

As long as dumb-ass selfish women continue wearing piles of perfume into.public... everyone can calm the fuck down about marijuana. If people want clean air smells...they better start with stuff more tangible than cannabis. Ffs

Matthew Hardgrove writes:

Anytime I hear complaints of weed smell, I bring up the dog food plant and the Greeley breeze of cattle shit and piss. It's annoying, but not going away.

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