Readers weigh in on stoned driving

"Poem on the Range," Off Limits, March 6

Grand Slam

What is the matter with the City of Denver? You would think that with all the study they'd done to create Imagine 2020, the new cultural plan, they would have discovered that Denver's slam poets have won awards around the country. That alone would be reason to resurrect the city's poet laureate position. Instead, Aurora takes the idea.

Words matter. Live up to your promises, Mayor Hancock.
Rosa Myers


City of Denver

"Drive High, Get a DUI," Latest Word, March 7

Steer Clear!

This is a total red herring pushing a disproven "reefer madness" mythology. Alcohol is the culprit in unsafe operation of motor vehicles.
Bob Dobbs
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Just go down to the Golden Triangle during 4/20 and see if you still think people drive normally while stoned. It's an annual joke in that neighborhood. Been there, seen it. You'll never convince me that stoned drivers drive normally.
Noelle Brownson
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The problem is that although you're only "high" for a few hours, THC will give a positive drug test a month later.
Clint Jahn
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How can you even determine whether I'm high or not? You can't breathalyze for it, and any urine, blood, or hair samples are inconclusive as to how recently someone may have smoked. And I drive way better high...my typical, cocky self-assurance has gone to paranoia and I obey far more laws as a result...
Gina Ricciardi
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Stoners don't wreck 'cause they are stoned — they wreck when they are distracted, which everyone does. How can you say it's "illegal" when you're pounding a double cheeseburger down the highway...or turning around, yelling at your kids in the back seat. People are distracted. That is our only problem. Stoners get high and get hungry! That is all!
Amber Rae
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Clearly, cannabis users know when they are too high to drive — and don't. Alcohol users are the exact opposite. The more alcohol, the better they "think" they are. I would gladly take a driving test with any level of THC in my blood and pass with flying colors. If I were too high to drive, I would not drive.
Bret Kantola
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Editor's note: For many more comments on our blog post on the Colorado Department of Transportation's new campaign to discourage driving while high, go to westword.com.

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