Reel Social Club launches tonight, aims to make movies hipster-friendly

For the younger set, film-watching isn't the social event it once was. Nowadays, cinema appreciation is usually enjoyed at home with a Netflix disc in the DVD player or Hulu.com on the computer. After all, what self-respecting hipster wants to be caught dead in an IMAX theater sporting goofy 3-D glasses?

Reel Social Club, the Denver Film Society's new young patron group, aims to change that with a year-round slew of parties and screenings designed for twenty-and thirty-something urbanites -- beginning tonight.

The festivities kick off at 8 p.m. with a blow-out at Casselman's Bar and Venue, 2620 Walnut Street, featuring Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and Itchy-O.

It's all part of the DFS's plan to draw in a whole new generation of passionate film patrons. For a $60 annual membership, Reel Social Club peeps score access to Starz Denver Film Festival VIP events and parties, invitations to go on weekend trips to film festivals nationwide and two free movie passes. There are also exclusive Reel Social Club events, like a party bus on August 3 featuring complementary drinks, an encore performance by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and a screening of the '80s classic and celebration of all things Corey, The Lost Boys.

And don't forget the party tonight. Regular admission to the Casselman's shindig is $15 and tickets can be purchased here, but Reel Social Club members get in free. Talk about red-carpet treatment.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.