Richard Goodface, Duane Brown ID'd by Denver Police as city's great storm grate robbers

You know times are tough when stealing heavy storm grates for their scrap value seems like a reasonable way to make money. But that's what the folks at the Denver Police Department think Richard Goodface and Duane Brown have been doing. They've both been booked on investigation of felony theft. Look below to get more details from the DPD and the public works department, as well as to see full-sized mugs of Goodface and Brown.

Denver Police Department releases:

The suspects involved the thefts of the storm grates have been identified as Duane Brown (DOB 07/14/83) and Richard Goodface (DOB 03/22/79). Both suspects were booked into the Denver City Jail for investigation of Felony Theft.

Previous release, October 13:

On October 13, 2010, Denver Police arrested two men in the process of selling stolen storm grates at a Denver salvage yard. The two men are believed to have taken as many as 16 storm grates in the Denver area. The two suspects are being held for investigation of Felony Theft. They are currently being interviewed and processed into the City jail so their identity is not known at this time.

Denver Police have recovered the majority of the stolen storm grates.

Previous release from the Denver Department of Public Works on October 11, 2010

Storm Grate Thefts Concern for Denver

Storm Grate Theft on Rise; City Asks Residents to be Alert

DENVER, CO ­-- October 12, 2010 -- Denver Public Works Wastewater Management Division asks residents to be on the look out for a thief (thieves) stealing storm grates. To date 15 storm grates have been stolen in the area between 9th Avenue and 14th Avenue and Monaco Street Parkway and Holly Street.

The storm grates, weighing approximately 150 pounds each, are believed to be stolen to sell as scrap metal. While the dollar amount a thief would receive for the storm grate is minimal, the replacement cost to the City is nearly $200 per grate.

If residents see a storm grate being taken by anyone other than a uniformed City employee in a City vehicle, they are asked to call 911. Anyone with knowledge of this crime is asked to please call 720-913-2000. To report a missing storm grate please call 311.

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