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Robert James busted for robbing Indispensary, Colorado Springs medical marijuana center

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Update below: It didn't take long for the Colorado Springs Police Department to draw a bead on the man captured by security cameras robbing a branch of the Indispensary medical marijuana center.

Robert Cody James, nineteen, is currently in custody, due in part to his decision to stick around the area near where the crime took place.

As we reported, a man allegedly entered the MMC, struck the clerk there with an object of some kind, locked him in a bathroom, and then left with several jars of marijuana and an unknown amount of cash from the register. But before he left, a camera captured images of him that were soon circulated to the cops and the media alike.

According to CSPD spokeswoman Barbara Miller, officers knocked on doors throughout the area, showing the suspect's photo to those on hand. One such individual recognized the person in the pic as a guest at a nearby motel. And by this morning, James was in cuffs.

Update, 6 a.m. November 21: The Colorado Springs Police Department originally identified the person arrested in this case as James Cody. Now, he's being ID'd as Robert Cody James; the text above has been changed to reflect this correction. Moreover, the department sent out a mug shot of a different individual. Below is what the CSPD now says is James. He allegedly shaved his hair and face prior to his arrest. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Original item, 10 a.m. November 16: Medical marijuana advocates continue to debate the pros and cons of cameras in dispensaries. But there's no question they come in handy after a crime. Take a Monday heist at the Indispensary branch on West Colorado Avenue in the Springs, where a security cam captured a vivid image of a suspect in all his slack-jawed glory.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the man in question was seen hanging out in the area prior to the stick-up, leading cops to conclude he'd been casing the joint, as it were. He then entered the shop and smacked a clerk with an "unknown object" in an assault violent enough to precipitate a subsequent hospital visit.

At that point, the man forced the victim into a bathroom, locked him inside, swiped several jars of pot and an undisclosed amount of cash from the register, and split on foot.

Thanks to that camera, the CSPD has a fine description of the man: a white male in his mid-twenties, around five-feet-ten-inches in height, with thin brown hair, a wisp of a beard/goatee, a green baseball cap, a bluish-gray, rugby-style shirt, green gloves, faded blue jeans, tan work boots, a blue backpack and a green paisley bandanna that he didn't wear over his face, presumably so he'd be ready for his closeup.

Those with information about this incident are encouraged to phone 719-444-7000 or 719-634-STOP (7867), or text CSPD at 847411 (TIP411). Look below to get a better look at the suspect in question.

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