Robert Walters allegedly had wife deposit money he needed to pay a man he hired to kill her

In July,

Robert Walters was accused of murdering Air Force vet Brittney Brashers

following a topless photo shoot, then faking a car crash to cover up the crime. Then, last week, Walters was slapped with another charge:

attempting to put out a hit on his ex-wife
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Now, new details are emerging, with reports that Walters actually had his ex-wife deposit the money he was going to use to have her killed.

According to CBS4's Dominic Garcia, Walters "apparently met up with a man in jail with a reputation for getting things done. It's claimed Walters paid him $2,000 to kill his wife" -- perhaps the key witness against him in the Brashers slaying -- "and another $4,000 would come when the job was done. The man turned on Walters in hopes for a deal.

"According to police, Walters had family members give the $2,000 to his wife to deposit to his account. She did that not knowing what it was for, essentially paying for her own murder."

Fortunately, things didn't work out that way. Instead, Walters will have even more to address when he enters a plea on September 27.

Click here to read the original Robert Walters supporting affidavit for arrest.

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