Seven Rockies Fan and Player Resolutions for 2018

This is the first home game, so that must be dawn.
This is the first home game, so that must be dawn. emerson12 at Flickr

It’s early April, and everyone in Denver knows what that means: Opening Day. That fabled day comes on Friday, April 6, at 2:10 p.m. (Though the day drinking starts pretty much whenever you get up, find the jersey that’s been in the back of your closet since last fall, and Uber into LoDo.) The Rockies will host the Atlanta Braves and try to start a home season that rivals the legendary run of 2007, when the Rockies hit every green light on a street-race to the World Series. (We shall not speak of the series itself.)

So how do the Rockies invoke the spirits of solid baseball? Here’s a seventh-inning stretch of a list of the Colorado Rockies 2018 to-dos.

click to enlarge Rockies fever, panorama style. - ERIC KILBY AT FLICKR
Rockies fever, panorama style.
Eric Kilby at Flickr
7. Make the Playoffs Again
Sure, it sounds a little Yogi Berra (“You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you”), but making the playoffs isn’t just a goal in and of itself; it’s also about showing up as a playoff threat more than one season at a time before needing to rebuild. Making the playoffs in 2017 was good; making the playoffs again in 2018 is worlds better. The Rockies want to be a force in their division because division forces are perennial playoff teams.

click to enlarge The beard: long enough to draw in the power, not so long that it interferes with the swing. - STEVE LATHROP AT FLICKR
The beard: long enough to draw in the power, not so long that it interferes with the swing.
Steve Lathrop at Flickr
6. Enjoy the Beard While the Beard Is Ours
There's some good news and some bad news. Charlie Blackmon is entering his walk year. Traditionally, that means he and his vaunted beard will be playing at the top of his form, because he’s going to be determining his value in free agency. That’s the bright side. The dark cloud beneath that silver lining is that Blackmon goes open-market after this season.

click to enlarge " know how to put together a résumé?" - JENNIFERLINNEAPHOTGRAPHY AT FLICKR
" know how to put together a résumé?"
jenniferlinneaphotgraphy at Flickr
5. Same with DJ LeMahieu…
And only one year later, Nolan Arenado. The Rockies are ripe to win in 2018, but in part because they stand to lose some serious talent not too long after. The Rockies, to completely abuse the metaphor, need to strike while the baseball iron is hot.

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