Rocky Offers Staffers a Pittance for Their Homes During Convention

We've all heard stories about locals renting out their homes for a king's ransom during the upcoming Democratic Party convention -- and while most of them are probably apocryphal, no one doubts that there's money to be made for comfortable lodgings during those few days in August.

Rocky Mountain News staffers won't get rich, though -- not if they accept they accept an offer floated in a recent memo sent out under the signature of managing editor Deb Goeken. The Rocky is looking for places to put incoming journalists affiliated with E.W. Scripps, the paper's parent company, and is offering the not-so-generous sum of $50 per day for the privilege.

Here's the memo:

Everyone: As you know, we are bringing in a fairly large contingent of Scripps staffers from around the country to help us cover the Democratic National Convention in late August. This is a huge gift from our partner papers, and it will help us immensely. But we need to find housing for them. I’m seeking volunteers to house these journalists during the convention – most likely from Saturday, Aug. 23, through Friday, Aug. 29. Your obligation: a bedroom, a shower, morning coffee. We’ll arrange transportation. And, believe me, they will be very busy, so I don’t think they’ll be hanging out at home much. In return, the Rocky will pay you $50 a night to cover your expenses. Let me know if you can help.

Thanks, Deb

Fifty bucks a night? Hell, the Sleep Inn in Greenwood Village wants $69.99 for a single occupancy room on August 23 -- and plenty of other hotels charge a whole lot more. The newspaper business really is in bad shape. -- Michael Roberts

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