Roller derby explosion: Is Colorado leading the nation per capita in badass women?

Colorado sure loves its roller derby.

Last month, the Castle Rock 'n' Rollers of Castle Rock were accepted as an apprentice league by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, the national organization that regulates all things derby. The apprenticeship is a mentor program that all leagues must complete before becoming full-fledged WFTDA members and being allowed to compete in tournaments.

With the addition of the Castle Rock 'n' Rollers, which was founded in 2008, Colorado now boasts seven WFTDA-sanctioned derby leagues, including two in Denver: the Denver Roller Dolls, currently rankedNo. 2 in the West, and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, currently ranked No. 3.

Does that make Colorado the derby-est state in the country?

Not quite.

By our count (using the WFTDA website), Ohio also has seven WFTDA-sanctioned leagues. Texas, where modern roller derby was born ten years ago, has eight. And California has nine. Most states only have a handful, while others have none.

Which makes Colorado's showing pretty impressive, especially considering that our population is less than half that of Ohio, one-fifth that of Texas and one-seventh of California. (At least according to Google.) Which may mean that we have the most badass women per capita in the entire U.S.

The Castle Rock 'n' Rollers, the state's newest sanctioned badasses, will kick off their 2010 season on Friday at 8 p.m. The bout, to be held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds and Events Center, pits the league's two home teams -- the Platinum Divas and the Bootleg Brawlers -- against one another.

Viva la badass!

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