Rollin 60s Busts: See 25 Aurora Indictees Allegedly Tied to Notorious L.A. Street Gang

Update: Roderick Penny, who was the only person indicted in the Rollin 60s sweep described below, had been at large when our original post was published. He has now turned himself in to police. See our previous coverage below.

Original post: Yesterday morning, members of the Aurora Police Department and law-enforcement agencies throughout the metro area busted two dozen men and women as part of what's described as a two-year investigation into the activities of the Rollin 60s, an Aurora street gang whose lineage can be traced back to Los Angeles. Continue to see those taken into custody -- and the one person who's thus far eluded authorities -- and get details about the allegations that led to a 73-count indictment also on view below.

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According to the Aurora Police Department, the investigation that led to yesterday's actions began two years ago, when the APD tracked what's described as "an escalation in violent crimes in Aurora" said to have included alleged gang-on-gang violence, strong-arm robberies and menacing.

Investigators tied these happenings to the Rollin 60s, a gang that got its start as a West Side Crips splinter group in the 1970s before migrating to Aurora the following decade.

The offenses listed in the indictment range from theft and failure to remain at the scene of an accident resulting in serious bodily injury to attempted first-degree murder. Similarly, bond amounts go from $50,000 to $500,000 for the assorted defendants, which include multiple juveniles. Those named include Kevon Bell, Durron Bryant, Devion Collins, Shawn Connor, Anas Dakir, Alim DeLeon, Vernon Dorsey, Karen Espino, Glen Gates, Keyanna Howard, Darryl Hunter, Dante King, Terrence McGary, Daryahn Rollen, Franklyn Spencer, Jarice Sylvester, Terrence Thompson, Jamal Turner, Rasheem Turner, Tynasia Turner and Vicente Vitela.

Also named is Kendrick Penny, although a separate APD release identifies him as Roderick Penny.

The APD sent out a single sheet of booking photos without individual identification, but the people pictured shouldn't all be lumped together. Some of the images are mug shots, while others -- particularly the ones with blue backdrops -- are most likely drivers license photos, suggesting that the individuals depicted have no adult criminal records. They may simply have been friends of those focused upon by the APD (assisted in the arrests by agencies such as the FBI, the Denver Police Department and the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office) who'll eventually be cleared or will face minor charges.

Here's are assorted booking photos emblazoned with the word "Captured," followed by the indictment.

Continue to see more of the 25 people indicted as part of the Aurora Police Department's Rollin 60s bus, followed by the complete indictment.
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