Ron Perea's resignation letter as Manager of Safety: "Respectfully" times two

As Patricia Calhoun noted earlier this morning,

Ron Perea won't be headlining a Citizen Oversight Board forum

tonight as planned -- because

Perea resigned on Monday

amid controversy over the

alleged police beating of Michael DeHerrera


Now, KHOW's Peter Boyles and the Denver Post have obtained Perea's resignation letter, a handwritten document that seems to have been scrawled in haste.

The respectful kind.

The letter, written on Office of the Mayor stationery prominently displaying the name of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, whose gubernatorial hopes seem apt to be fulfilled so long as nothing (like a police scandal) derails them, reads, "I appreciate the opportunity to serve as Manager of Safety for the City and County of Denver. I respectfully tender my resignation effective August 31, 2010." And then, to gild the lily, Perea signs off by using the word "respectfully" again.

Respect! See the letter below:

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