Ronald Asciutto, Denver firefighter, accused of trying to lure teen on the job

Since we were children, we've been trained to think of firefighters as heroic figures who earn our trust by putting the welfare of others before their own. But if the information contained in an arrest affidavit on view below is accurate, Denver firefighter Ronald Asciutto broke that trust in a big way.

Asciutto was caught up in a sting operation after allegedly sending sexually explicit texts to a girl south of fifteen -- who actually turned out to be a grown-up male investigator. Proceed with caution.

On Wednesday, according to the affidavit, the aforementioned investigator (with the Lakewood Police Department) was online in the guise of a teenage girl under the age of fifteen when he received an instant message from someone using the ultra creepy screen name DADDY4DAUGHTER -- allegedly Asciutto. Here's a look at his profile photo, an extremely penile car:

The initial conversation between the "girl" and Asciutto was fairly benign, especially compared with what followed, but it did include the note "may i say that u r really beautiful." Before long, though, things began to get sexual.

Some sample messages:

"May I ask ur breast size?"

"do u shave?"

"would it be ok if I killed u?"

"I want to touch u too."

"id rub ur nipples."

"would u let me lick ur butt too."

Around 2:20 p.m., the report maintains, Asciutto was sufficiently revved up to phone a number provided to him.

He spoke with a female investigator, telling her that he had to work the late shift, from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. the following morning. But he continued to text throughout the night even though he was on the job. And his statements and questions were even more ribald than those that preceded them.

Continue for more about the arrest of Denver firefighter Ronald Asciutto, including photos and documents. The additional messages allegedly sent by Asciutto to the girl include:

"I would love to get u out of ur clothes some time and eat u baby"

"would u wear a short skirt baby"

"id have my hand under it right away baby"

"would u let me put my cock in u baby"

"I can't wait to see u naked tonight baby"

There was also this exchange:

Asciutto: "what would happen if u got pregnant baby??"

Investigator: "Wtf my mom wuld kill me dont even say that or think that scares shit out of me"

Asciutto: "I will be careful baby I promise"

Finally, Asciutto and the "girl" made plans to meet near the intersection of Depew and 20th, in the parking lot for Depew Liquors -- after which they were supposed to head to a nearby park, spread out a blanket and take part in the various acts about which they'd been corresponding throughout the night.

At the appointed hour, Asciutto showed up in an official Denver Fire Department car, the affidavit states. Here's a photo of it from the report:

Rather than staying, Asciutto drove through the lot and kept going. But he was followed to his home and arrested.

Today, Asciutto will take part in a video advisement, at which time he'll be informed about his rights and bond will be set. He won't be charged today -- but expect one or more to follow in the coming days.

And presumably, someone else will be putting out fires in Denver today.

Continue to see two documents -- the complete arrest affidavit and a custody report -- and a larger version of Asciutto's booking photo.

Ronald Asciutto Arrest Affidavit

Ronald Asciutto Custody Report

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