Rubber meets sod in Globeville: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Figure 55. Globeville: Where the rubber meets the sod.

Used tires are America's greatest unnatural resource and can be found easily in ever-growing tire piles and mountains. These wastelands are attracting heaps of do-it-yourselfers, who are accessing the cheap material and tirecrafting it into everything from Goodyear gardens to Firestone fountains. The Uniroyal ugly swans pictured above indicate that this is the home of a D.I.Y. "re-tiree." The used tire swans in the background, with yellow beaks and feathers, suggests that they were later additions to the original, traditionally submerged swan in the foreground. That they are perched on bases of loose bricks intimates that they were added after the yard artist lost her shovel and/or her ability to dig. After all, the Tirecrafting website does suggest that used tires make great raised beds for wheelchair-bound gardeners.

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