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Shoe sale. Those are Cat’s two favorite words in the English language. And on Saturday, May 5, Strut at 3877 Tennyson Street is celebrating its birthday with 15 percent off and champagne. Woohoo! Owner Elyse Burja always has so many cute options that Cat can stock up and not have to hit a coast to assuage her shoe fetish. (If you're interested in the shoes pictured, from left, the red Jada wedge is $89, the Jen is $135, and the People is $275)

This is also a great excuse to get that first spring pedicure, because Cat must say she’s been breaking one of the only fashion rules still standing: Thou shalt not wear open-toe shoes with skanky, nasty winter feet. Yes, it’s been ugly. Cat keeps trying to curl her toes under, hoping no one will notice. But she can feel the fire of a thousand suns staring down at her for this grave transgression.

The problem? While Cat can now buy her shoes here, she still hasn’t found a replacement for her beloved mani/pedi routine from when she lived in New York. You see, she and Stacy (the commenter who loves to mock Cat for her quite excellent taste in shoes) made it a bi-weekly habit to go for “floofing” (Stacy also likes to verb everything!), and it was a cheap, easy indulgence. You can’t throw a stone in that city without hitting a.) a pizza place with killer chicken parm subs that are the world’s best hangover cure b.) Starbucks or c.) a spa that does mani/pedis for $30 total.

Cat has been all over D-Town since moving back five years ago, searching for her new place. But, meh. Nothing. Either they’re expensive and not worth the price, or cheap and still not worth the price. (And no, Cat is not capable of doing it herself; very bad things ensue when Cat is entrusted with bottles of polish.)

And Cat’s not picky. She doesn’t hold places to an unreasonable standard, and she doesn’t judge them on their manicure. After all, Cat can’t keep her fingers neat and tidy for more than 24 hours at a shot. Seriously, 24 hours after a manicure – even the best manicure – and Cat’s nails are chipped. So she bases it on the pedicure: Are the nails trimmed neatly and well shaped? Did they color within the lines? Are the strokes even? Did the polish bubble?

So Cat’s on the hunt for a good, reasonably priced nail salon. She’s heard good things about Tootsies Nail Shoppe on South Gaylord, so she might go give them a try. An express manicure and pedicure would be $45 plus tip, but that doesn’t seem atrocious for Denver.

And besides, the mani/pedi and falafel were about the only two cheap things left in Manhattan.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.